My baby sulcata swallowed a rock

by Milo venus

My baby sulcata swallowed a small pebble.. Will it pass ? Should we rush to a vet? Can a vet even dp anything ? Seems like that may happen in nature, but we are very worried. Has this ever happened to anyone else ?

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Dec 01, 2015
It wil pass
by: Anonymous

My 18 month old sulcata ate a big stick. I didn't know it until she pooped it out. She stopped eating and wasnt her usual active self so I knew something was wrong. I was afraid she might be constipated. I soaked her in warm water and she pooped out a big stick. I soaked her again the next day and she took another big poop that was normal. Warm water stimulates them to poop and pee.

Jun 09, 2011
Don't worry Yet.
by: BSessions

Sulcata's often swallow pebbles in the wild as well as bugs, pieces of wood and other things that get in the way of there food. If your sulcata is still eating and is going to the bathroom on a regular basis then there is nothing that needs to be done. Your baby will or rather probably has already passed the stone, as wild sulcatas do. If however the baby stops going to the bathroom and gets more lethargic then normal you might want to take to a vet. The down side to this is that unfortunately tortoises can not really be operated on as it is dangerous to cut through there shell and often if there can be a surgery then many complications can often arise with the surgery, which is why most vets will not do surgery. They might however be able to give a laxative like medicine to help pass the stone. You also want to make sure to let your baby soak in slightly warm water to make sure that he is properly hydrated which can also help with going to the bathroom.

Jun 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

I would defiantly take it to a vet, they will do x-rays and find the best possibility of getting rid of the rock. I hope everything is okay

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