RESTurtle that doesnt want to swim, just bask on the dock under the light...

by Lori C
(New York)

I have a question, My RES turtle is very lathergic and stays on the basking dock practically all day and when she does go in the water she just floats around, it reminds me of when kids do the "dead mans float"!! I noticed sometimes when she does breath, while on the basking dock, it seems like its a deep, heavy breath and exhale. Almost like gasping for air but not like a panting. Idk its hard to explain. Shes about 4 months old and this is just not like her, its very out of character. Normally she hides from me under the dock or tucks in when I pick her up and for 1 day now, she hasnt done any of that. Idk anyone with res turtles so I just keep googling information. Im sad and hope she doesnt die, I want to help her but dont know whats wrong to help...... :-( If anyone has any suggestions or solutions please help!! Thanks - Lori

PS I have a 30 gallon filtered tank, water is heated and about 78degrees and basking dock is about 85 degrees. I do have 2 other res turtles with her but there has never been a problem before with all of them together. They were all bought at the same time from the same person except I did have mine first, turdie, and she is most active, then about a few weeks later I took this one, tortie, from my little cousin who still kept it in the little travel case and finally I got titi a few more weeks later from my other little cousin who also kept her in the travel case. So I basically rescued them and gave them a good life!! So they are used to eachother.

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Jul 14, 2011
RES turtle is too cold
by: Anonymous

She is too cold. The water temperature should be kept between 75 and 80 degrees. Get an aquarium thermometer to check it regularly and if it is not being maintained at that temperature, you need a submersible heater.

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