Baby turtle

Why does my turtle have a bump on its hand?

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Jul 02, 2012
broken arm
by: Anonymous

If you think it might be broken, take it to a vet right away.

Jun 26, 2012
broken arm
by: Anonymous

I think my turtle's arm is broken but I don't know how to tell for sure. It's arm is sorta turned in and up some one please help

May 07, 2012
by: 12YrOldKidNeedYrHelp

I found my tortoises neck with a white lump.It is a singapore tortoise and a baby. It is a boy. Please help me !

Mar 17, 2012
boy or girl
by: Anonymous

how can you tell how your baby turle is a boy or girl

Feb 26, 2012
its hard tp eat
by: Justin

My 2 baby turtles try to eat there turtle food but its to hard for them to eat there Jaw isn't broken cause the vet checked it and when we soke it in water go make it soft its still kind of hard to eat wat should I do

Feb 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

why is my baby turtle not eating its been like a month!!!help:0...its a red eared slider...and is very small!

Jan 29, 2012
is my turtle pregnant
by: Anonymous

my turtle is vibrating its claws against my other turtles face and most of the time is climbing on the other ones back.i know one is a boy and one is a girl but they aren't 5 years old yet.whats wrong with my turtle

Jan 19, 2012
by: Anonymous


Jan 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have a baby turtle, its bigger than a quarter but its still very small. can me or my three year old daughter get Salmonella because of the turtle?

Jan 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

Why does my babey turlte have bumbs on its face

Nov 18, 2011
How to Sex A Turtle or Toroise
by: Shelly

Keep it slow and steady.

Nov 17, 2011
How do i know if my turtle is a boy or girl?
by: Sophia

Hey guys! how do i know if my turtle is a boy or a girl. please help me out thanks :)

Aug 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

The lump is starting to turn white && its a small turtle like medium and well I don't know how to tell if its a boy or girl D:

Aug 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

My turtle looks like if its fading :O && im scared like if its dying or something. && how do I send pictures ? My turtle eats like normal and stuff but the big lump is just scaring me. Also its starting to get white like I don't know its growing bigger or getting smaller. Ugh ! ):<

Aug 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

My turtle has a big lump on its cheeck and I don't know what to do like I'm worried -.- Its kindof big and its the same color as the turtle, green of course . I noticed that it kindof bugs it when my turtle wants to eat so please can you help me?

Jul 18, 2011
by: meldianano

give more details....what kind is it, is it a baby, boy or girl, how big is the lump, is it a lump that is a different color than the normal colored skin, is anything coming out....etc!!! or even some pics please!!! if there isnt a pic, you NEED t obe detailed

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