Tortoise Pooing out insides

by Mike

We had our first horse field 8 months ago and things were going fine. Noticed today that he was what trying to poo but what could only be described as his intestines were hanging outside his body. After he managed to squeeze him poo out they returned back inside however I am seriously concerned as this doesn't seem normal. It was like a long grey sack a couple of centimetres long. Has anyone else experienced the same event as me? Please can someone help?

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Jun 04, 2017
My tortoise has been crying/squeezing all day very often.
by: Anonymous

When the "penis" comes out he cries, it's been almost a week. Why does he squeal or cry?

Jan 25, 2012
Sexing a tortoise
by: Shelly

I made a page about how to sex a turtle or tortoise.

Keep it slow and steady.

Jan 24, 2012
by: Mirr

Thank god if it's a penis not something serious :) ... If you're talking bout penis ... Do you mean by his tuning into adult stage ? If he is, will he try to attract my small one or he will wait till she is big? And sorry if I ask, how do I differentiate male and female terrapin? Thank you:)

Jan 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

Mirr, you're talking about a penis. Sorry, no eggs will come from this fellow.

Jan 21, 2012
Worried abt my terrapin
by: mirr

I have a terrapin one year old .. I'm not sure if it is a male or female because I keep two terrapin ... One is small while the other one is big ... The problem is my big terrapin size of my palm, it tries to poo something blackish thing then it enters back to its butt ... I'm really curious and worried if it is normal or it tries to lay egg ... Please reply ASAP :) thank you

Jan 02, 2012
Mike& Allie
by: Lyndsey

Sounds like your tortoise's organ (penis)not an expert but read that before , still better 2 be safe than sorry & it'll give you peace of mind 2 have them checked over

Sep 17, 2011
Hremanns Tortoise
by: Anonymous

this is exactly what happens to my hermanns tortoise when he is pooing apparently everything is fine as long as it goes back in afterwards:D

Sep 05, 2011
Tortoise prolapse
by: Gary

My hermanns tortoise had the same problem but it isn't serious it was just his penis he was at the adolescent stage but it would still be worth takeing your tortoise to the vet to be sure

Sep 03, 2011
insides pushed out
by: Allie

my turtle has the same problem. i have been wondering what this could be. this purple sack lookin thing pushes out his tail,then goes back inside of him. im worried about him. is he sick? dying ?

Jul 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is a prolapse. When things go back in on their own, you are fine. Just keep an eye on him. If anything comes out and stays out, see a vet.

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