beak falling off

by chelle

I have a indoor box turtle & i came home to her today to find her beak had fallen off. It was a tad overgrown but i didnt think it could just come off. So now i cant find the beak in her tank. She is still acting completely fine, following me around, eating, but her beak is just gone. Do you think she is in pain? Is this severe enough that i should take her to a vet?

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Feb 12, 2011
beak falling off
by: Kelly

I have a eastern box turtle that had its beak break off but they say in the wild it is suppose to do that and grow back but it hasn't grown back all the way but he seems fine now. I took it to the vet and that is what the vet told me. I fed him baby food with a syringe for a while until it grew back some and he still eats on his own but just soft foods no super worms like he use to eat he can't catch them fast enough without his full beak but he seems happy. I feed him box turtle food and squish some frozen vegetables for him and have mixed up differnet things in a blender and he seems content with that.

Jan 01, 2011
beak flling off
by: Anonymous

Yes take her in to see a Vet, they need the use of their "beak" and there has to be a serious reason why it would fall off.

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