how to take best care of a turtle ?

by bhavya goradia
(Mira road, Maharashtra, India)

1.I have a star turtle, can any one reccomend me how to identify the age of it?

2.sometime i keep me turtle with me and sleep, sometimes it comes underneath my body or whenever it sleeps i keep him inside a blanket folded to prevent it from cold due to this are there any chances that it would suffocate and die?
3.why does it doesn't eat the turtle food provided to him,he only feeds on ladyfinger"?
4.are UVB light helpful for the growth of it?
5.instead of UVB rays what about the early morning sunlight?
6.sometimes after the bath when i take him out from water it brings his neck out and also some bubble come from his mouth why does it come?
7.does the shell provide enough warmth to him? can i identify that my turtle is enjoying or is ill?
9.when i put my hand on a shell of his heremoves his neck out, why is it so?

please answer me soon...................
thank u

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