Is my desert tortoise sick?

My 1 year old desert tortoise is biting the air like he is having trouble swallowing something (but I haven't fed him yet today) he is also inverting his head and poking it back out while opening his mouth.

This concerns me because he never does anything like this and he seems uncomfortable and struggling and it breaks my heart.

Earlier this morning his nose was bubbling or foaming or something. I made an appointment at the vet for later today but I wanted to know if someone could tell me something now.
Thank you

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Apr 17, 2009
I think this might be your problem
by: Anonymous

Sounds like running nose Syndrome , this is real problem. make sure you take it to a reptile vet

Apr 16, 2009
Sick Tortoise
by: Shelly

I am SO glad you have an appointment with the vet. That is the best place to get advice for a sick pet, and it is clear that your pet is sick.

Maybe you could post back here to let us know what the vet says. Lots of people read these pages even if they don't comment, so whatever you can share will help others.

The most important thing is that you are getting hte medical attention for your pet.

Keep it slow and steady.

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