i found a turtle!

by juanita shanur
(gardena ca)

this turtle is about 5 inches in diamenter , and has spots on his neck and underside, i need to know how to care for it. juanita shanur

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Aug 21, 2010
the turtle
by: juanita

no i have a large turtle i have had for 20 years, it just runs around in my back yard, the little turtle i found was cought in between some bushes on a residental street. and no one claimes it. i am going to give it to someone who wants it but i want to be sure they can care for it. if i take it back where i found it, it could get hit by a car or a dog could hurt it. juuanita

Aug 21, 2010
found a turtle
by: Susan

I concur with the previous response, I don't feel these turtles should be taken out of their natural habitat...go to a breeder or pet store.....learn about them first..so many people get turtles because they are cute, and no nothing about how to care for them......sincerely, Susan...

Aug 20, 2010
found turtle
by: Anonymous

Why don't you just put it back where you found it?

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