ReD eaR SLiDeR TRYiN 2 eSCaPe!!

by BReaNa
(San Bernardino, CA, USA)

I have had my res for about 2 years and it is pretty big probably 5-7 inches. i started him/her out with a 1o gallon tank and then upgraded to a 2o gallon tank and now i have a 75 gallon tank. my turtle Lilly has a good filter and an expensive turtle topper. she lives with about 17 small fish for decoration. she has no interest in eating them. however she/he has been constantly trying to climb out of her tank. she will splash and follow me and try to climb out of the tank by pulling herself up with her arms. she's really scaring me. is there something i can do to make want to stay in her tank. i have tried putting her out in the backyard for a couple hours but when i put her back in the tank all she wants to do is come back out.

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