injured or infected?

by cathy
(u.s.a )

my red eared slider has one eye that won't open but the other is fine. I put the turtle in with the other red eared slider while i was changing its water and i cant tell if it was attacked by the other one or infected.

I'd like to know before i have to take it to the vet just in case it can heal by itself. I know they used to attack each other so i seperated them. My turtle still looks fine without the bad eye and still likes to stay on his rock, i think he eats.
hurry before its too late!!

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Jul 28, 2010
injured or infected
by: Susan

hi, well, I don't know about the attacking closed eye could indicate he is not getting enough vitamin A, and unless you are feeding him by hand or staying to watch them eat, you will not know...I would try and answer that question first. Now he needs the right food, good pellets, with lots of vitamins A,B etc., calcium, and adding fresh romaine is good for vitamin A and calcium and other vitamins, any dark green veggies. adding this daily...fresh water of course, proper UVA lighting upper 80's to low 90's during the day, keep him warm during the day after he has eaten, and will encourage him to eat as well, the UVB light will help metabolize the food he has eaten. clean water etc.. I hope this helps, sincerely, Susan...

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