i found a russian tortoise

by jana
(modesto ca. usa)

we just bought a house and we started fixing our backyard. we started to dig and we found a russain tortoise. :D i wanted to know how long can it be out of the dirt? we went and bought a smaller plastic kids pool from walmart and we havn't filled it up with dirt yet. its been more then a few hrs but we been keeping it in the shade. will it b ok and can we use any dirt?

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Jun 04, 2010
Russian Tortoises
by: Anonymous

Your Russian Tortoise will be fine, I own three and don't keep them in dirt at nite, I have a indoor enclosure and out door enclosure. They like to be in hay or dirt or grass. I have a large aquarium inside with a few hollowed logs that they like to sleep in. I also have a large outdoor enclosure that has three little house's that i fill with hay and they love to sleep inside these as well. They dig into the dirt when they hibernate, and they love to dig so make sure they can't get out of any enclosure outside and make sure that no rodents or cats or dogs can get to them as well. I have a screen covering their enclosure as well. Good luck, they are wonderful pets and a great addition to your family!

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