Is My Hermann's Tortoise George Happy?

by Tom

I have recently got a Hermann's tortoise. I've done everything I have researched to try and make him happy but he just sits there and bops his head. How do I tell he's happy?


Can you tell us if he's eating?

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Mar 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

He sounds bored to me, has he got rocks and sand to climb and dig in and has he got plenty of room to move about not just a small box.

Oct 22, 2008
it's probably fine
by: kp

Tortoises aren't usually very active creatures, but sometimes they can appear unhappy. My tortoise always has a fairly rough facial expression. Is she or she getting enough food? Sunlight? Space to roam? Sleep, peace quiet, dark?

Anyway, it might be something you can't help. Maybe your tortoise is sick or has a virus or worms.

But most of the time this is pretty normal. If you are really worried about him or her, take it to the vet and get some expert advice =)

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