Help poss vitimin problem


I noticed today that my Herman had a plate comming off his jaw and that his jaw was lop sided and weak. I took him to the vet and she cut the extra plate off. she thinks it might be a vitimin A problem because him and the female have pealing skin around the tail. but the female has no over problems. The vet also noticed that the males shell was a little soft.
They live in a vivarium with a UV tube and spot lamp they get fed fresh greens / coliflower / carrots/ apple / cucumber.

The vet was going to find out some more but she did not seem very shore of what it was.

Please help any ideas welcome
Many thanks

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Jun 10, 2011
soft shell
by: Anonymous

The soft shell problem means there is a lack of calcium getting to the animal's system. Be sure the UVB light is working properly. Then be sure you are providing calclium. A cuttle bone will usually work.

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