RES turtle is sick

My baby RES has stopped eating and all he does is sit on his rock he has raspy breathing and some stuff my his nose the vet said he must have a respiritory infection and i looked up how to treat him and i bought some anti bactiria medicine to treat him and stress control for his water and i am keeping his tank a little warmer than usual is there anything that will help him ?? Im worried :(

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Oct 04, 2014
Take your tortise to the vet!
by: Anonymous

This has happened to my Greek tortoise before.
When your tortoise stops eating and/or is less active that could mean he has parasites and trouble breathing/ nose and eye bubbles are signs of infection. In the wild tortoises do their best not to show signs of illness to predators. So if you notice your pet acting unusual, he or she could be very sick so take your tortoise to the vet as soon as possible.

Jun 05, 2012
Sick RES
by: Anonymous

To the last person who posted.

Your turtle may already be dead. If it doesn't move when you touch it, that's a pretty good sign.

If it is moving at all, take it to a vet right away.

Jun 02, 2012
i don't know what has happened to my turtle?
by: Anonymous

hey would you help me??

what may have happened to my turtle? id just resides on the surface of water. neither it eats anything nor it moves at all. it has been 3 days that it hasn't eaten anything.i tickled it with my fingers but it showed no response at me with it please....
what can i do for it??

Apr 16, 2012
My 2 year old Tortoise..
by: Anonymous

Hi i bought my 2 year old tortoise about 2weeks ago. When i brought him home i noticed that he had cloudy mucous coming out of.
However since i have been caring for him the mocous is no longer cloudy it runs clear now.
I have looked on loads of sites and i can not find the answer, i took him to my local vets, but the vet wanted a payment of £26.00 just to register him so that was without even seeing him let alone treating him!!
Obviously if i can not the answer i need then i will take him to see the vet. So if anyone has or gets any answere please let me no take care Jo xx

Mar 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have The Same Problem :(

Feb 02, 2012
same thing
by: Anonymous

ny baby turtle is doing that too and i saw some stuff in his nose but i got most of it out with tissue

Jul 16, 2011
Respiratory Infection
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you are oding all you can uless the vet suggests something else.

Good luck.

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