New horsfield tortoise owner needs help

Hello my Horsefield Tortoise has a grey scaly patch on his head and this morning was i think sick-a white watery substance in his box also wet patch (could that be urine?)I am new to this my neighbour moved abroad and left him to me.I have an outdoor pen with shelter which she loves but have been bringing her in on rainy days and chilly nights. I place her in a tortoise box lined with news paper, she didnt seem to like straw or shredded paper and would turf it up one end and sleep down the other. I am feeding her with lettuce,cucumber,apple,pansies rose petals, and she eats every day and has today.I am also concerned about hibernation apparently she never has yet, she is 6 years old.I hope someone can help me,she is a worry, thankyou.

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Sep 12, 2010
horsfield tortoise
by: Anonymous

the white watery substance is normal from most tortoises, it urine and excess protein substance, the gray patch i'm not sure of, how large is this tortoise, they do not have to hibernate, if you choose him to do so, you need to see a vet to see if he is healthy enough, and then find the proper way to prepare him before hibernation. if you have a indoor enclosure, find a good substrate that agree's with your tort, make sure you have a heat lamp as well as a uva & uvb lighting system for him as well and a water dish for soaking, or soak him in a shallow basin at least 2-3 times a week in luke warm water. When ever you agree to take a new pet into your home is always good to have them see a vet as well as know as much as possible about their care before they come into your care.

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