my tortoise walks weird

by naomie

hi. I have a tortoise named Shellie. Shellie is a two year old Eastern Hermanns tortoise, she is a fairly small tortoise but has big apetite. I have noticed tortoises are suppose to hold themselves up when walking, but she doesn't seem to do that? it's like she is still crawling & she tries to hold herself up but her shell stays ON the floor. is there something wrong with her limbs? also, she doesnt seem in any pain.. has small pyramiding but I am making sure she eats her food with Calci-Dust. i'm getting concerned about this though. is it like a baby trying to crawl? does she need to learn? surely she would have learned how to by now? she is an active tortoise but can only move so much until she crawls into a corner and falls asleep.. should I be concerned about this too?


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Apr 06, 2020
Give her soil to walk on
by: Anonymous

That is possible if she doesnot have a substrate to walk on , she needs traction for walking ... not possible on a smooth surface like floor

Oct 24, 2011
tortoise walks wierd
by: sherman

I have a hermans tortoise. She walked exactly how you are describing yours. I gave her different levels of flooring in the vivarium by adding parts of paving slabs, increased the size of vivarium. I also let her out to roam the house for hours at a time and she has excercised her legs now so they are stronger to lift her weight. She walk properly now. Hope this helps.

Aug 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Has she got any disfigurement on her if not take her to the vets

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