food to give sick tortoise


my star tortoise is been sick for a good week now....ive been giving him vit drops...her condition has improvrd a bit....but does not have a good should i feed i force feed or let her eat on own....besides which are the foods that are rich in vitA(CARROTS)phosphorous,calcium...what ecxactly shud i feed her.we dont have vetenery surgeons here to treat my little one....though my uncle is one he is helping me with the bit possible.PLEASE HELP.VERY WORRIED.thank you for your kind help...

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Aug 30, 2010
food to give a sick tortoise
by: Susan

Hi, glad your tortoise is getting a little better. The best food for vitamin A, C and Phosphorus is romaine lettuce, and yes, carrot tops are good for vitamin A but romaine is loaded with nutrients for over all health.. hope this helps, sincerely, Susan.

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