how to tell if my turtle is healthy

by tauni
(columbus ga)

i think i have a painted wood turtle, i feed him fruit his favorite is strawberries he wont eat anythng els, his shell looks like bark but i dont think hes as colorful as he should be, what and how do i tell if he is healthy and happy?

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Aug 07, 2011
is ok...mostly
by: Turtle Lover

the turtle is probably ok but you should stick pellets (or hard turtle food or other stuff to stick in) in the strawberry's so it has a verity of food too much of 1 thing is not good. My midland painted turtle was like that too give her the option of pellets every day to see if she eats it. I did the same thing to my turtle with pears and pellets. also
try giving her a live worm or cricket the love those,

but other wise it seems healthy read other posters
im no big expert but i know that from expirence.

dont worry:)

May 20, 2011
its the shell really
by: tauni

hes active and he eats, his shell is still hard but he did have some clear drop come out his nose not like driping it only happend once, what im worried about is that his shell looks like bark but it looks flaky like it could peel right off of him idk

May 19, 2011
Healthy Turtle
by: Anonymous

A healthy turtle has clear eyes, no discharge from its nose, and is active with a good apetite. If not, see a vet.

Oh yes, and if the shell is even a little bit soft, see a vet right away.

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