tortoise leaves white liquid

I have two tortoises, male and female, they wer brought to me yesterday, and theyve settled fine. But today i bathed them and put them on the floor in my lounge for s short while, but wen i put the female dwn i looked away and looked again and ther was a whitish liquid near her, is this sick? And uf so will she b ok?

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Jan 10, 2011
White Liquid
by: Robaloie

Sounds to me like your tortoise eats alot of greens for food.

If you get a second chance to watch this occur, you may notice it is basically his and her poop.

Your tortoises diet should consist of grass blends with some vegetables as a treat or dessert. But if they eat alot more water retaining vegetables then hay, their stools will become watered down white discharges.

No worries though, your tortoise is not sick, nor do you need to be concerned. Just try to blend some alfalfa hay in with the vegetables.

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