My tortoise is not eating.... why?

by emily

We just got a tortoise but he is not eating. We give him pellets and some fruit or vegtable. He sleeps alot and he hardly moves. Do you know whats happening to him?

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Jun 05, 2011
Diet and LIghting
by: Anonymous

Turtles are different than tortoises. Tortoises eat veggies mostly spring mix lettuce and should only have fruit a few times. They should not be feed pet food or meat of any kind. Make sure the heat and humidity levels are appropriate for the breed. My tortoise is more active when it is warmer. I do agree with the last person, UV light is extremely important for a healthy and active tortoise but make sure they are also getting calcium supplements or the UV light won't have much impact.

Jun 04, 2011
Turtle diet
by: Anonymous

You need to know which type of turtle you have.

Most turtles will eat meat or fish.

Your turtle might not be eating because of light. Turtles need sunlight (UVB rays) to metabolize their food. They also need to be warm enough to eat.

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