pooing alot

by michelle taylor

hi..my tortoises seem to be pooing alot.i feed them 3 times a day.i have 2 of them.they poo in there home twice a day and when i bath them every other day,they poo alot in the bath too.am i over feeding them if so is this dangerous?

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Feb 14, 2010
by: Emily

Hiya, I'm not sure what kind of tortoise you have, but I feed my tort once every 2 days, sometimes even once every 3!

Tortoises are grazers, but in captivity (given the chance) tend to eat everything they're given! Information I was given when I first got mine, was to not get into a daily feeding pattern and that variety of time and substance is important. Tortoises tend to poo in their bath as the warm water stimulates their digestive system.

Feeding them after they have woken up is a good time too!

Hope this helps!

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