Redfooted tortoise questions

by Jenah

Hey I am a new owner of a red footed tortoise but I have a few problems / questions. I have had her a week. In this week she popped on the way home on Sunday & once on Monday but hasn't popped since, is that normal? Also she never leaves her house we bought her that is on the cold side, is that ok? Ive done the temp on the hot side & it usually averages about 89-96ish degrees. The only time I've seen her come out of her house is 2 eat. The reason we got this tortoise was because she was so active at the pet store! She never went in her shell the entire time we looked, now if we take her out she just sits there. Also I've noticed her eyes are watery all time is that normal? I've done alot of research but didn't find a lot about behavior or my other questions. Please help thanks

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