my tortoise has dry flaky skin on his face

by Kimber
(Lewisville, Texas,USA)

I have noticed that my baby sulcata tortoise has developed dry skin around his eyes. Almost looks like white halos around his eye. Has a couple of flakey spots around his nose too. I soak him daily right now because he is so small so i know its not bc he needs water. I also found these micro tiny clear/white bugs in his water dish yesterday..there were thousands, and i change his water daily so it happened over night..i use hay in his cage. Could it have come from his hay?

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Feb 12, 2010
dry skin
by: Anonymous

See a vet rather than a pet shop for help.

Feb 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yes it will be from they hay most proberly as i have herd it before. Personally i use top soil which i get from a a retail shop combined with childrens sand. Its great, you will still need to bath them every day because when they go in the water and they get muddy. Change it as soon as you can and watch to see if your tortoise gets better if not go to nearest pet shop and seek medical advice.

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