by Jaydn
(Iowa dubuque us)

i have a box turtle im a ten year old kid today i was cleaning out its cage couse it was dirty then some stuff came out its nose when ever it gets in the water then it comes out and waits a wile then it snezzes its weird and i dont no what to do

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Nov 11, 2010
by: Susan

Your turtle has a respiratory problem, not sure for how long...I can tell you this... they thrive in high moisture..they like to burrow into moist sand, and will come out at Dawn and Dusk when dew moistens the ground level. So you must daily mist the terrarium. Most likely will eat after being misted... Like a daily soaking, and enjoy fruits, vegetables, greens, insects, fungi, etc. in order to maintain a healthy life... This will ensure eye and respiratory health.. hope this helps, if persists much longer, seek medical advice.., sincerely, Susan

Nov 09, 2010
sick pet
by: Anonymous

Sneezing means your animal has a cold. Be sure you have the correct temperature. If this doesn't clear up soon, please take your animal to the vet. Sometimes a cold will kill a turtle or tortoise.

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