soft shell of star tortoise

the shell of the star tortoise that i'm having has become soft. it is with me for almost three years and is getting the same attention as earlier, but then too it has developed such a problem. its shell can be pressed easily and is not hard. please can you suggest some cure, as i'm really worried. i love it a lot.

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Nov 01, 2010
soft tortoise shell
by: Anonymous

If you haven't changed anything in the diet or environment, this is a great puzzle and you should try to find a local expert in reptiles to help you.

Normally a soft shell means the tortoise is missing calcium. Along with calcium in the diet, it needs lots of sunlight to help it metabolize the calcium.

If you have both a good diet and lots of sunlight, I suggest you see a vet or someone who cares for reptiles and ask for help.

Best luck.

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