Lost Red foot tortoise

I lost my tortoise in the front yard, and now I don't know how to find him? Do they hibernate? Where do I start to look?

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Nov 27, 2018
Chucky where r u???
by: Chucky’s Grandma

11/27/18 Chucky went missing 2 days ago. He lives in a gated community in Boca Raton, Florida. We’ve been searching the neighbors yards, posted signs but he’s a no show so far. Our concern is the 40 degrees expected tonight. This is his 2nd adventure outside the house. Over the summer he spent a few weeks with grandma and he found his way out of my backyard enclosure. After searching 2 hours for him I ending up finding him next to my house under a bush very well hidden. The search continues today.

Aug 12, 2017
State? City?
by: Anonymous

where are you located?? State? City? I have found a Tortoise.

Reply: I am sorry to be getting to this just now. I have not been well. I hope you have found a good solution. Something like this is best dealt with locally through a tortoise rescue center or a local vet.

Apr 07, 2016
The great escape!
by: Anonymous

Well my escape artist just happened to be under a bush one day by our back gate, in hopes that someone would leave the gate open. And it happened, been looking 3 days now. I live on a 4 acre lot outside of town, where there are a lot of hiddy holes. Wilma always wants to explore, so we will see how far she gets this time. And don't be fooled by the tortoise and the hare fable, they are fast and stelthie. Turn your back for a couple of minutes and there gone. Will always be searching for Wilma until she desides to come home or at least show herself.

Jul 02, 2013
mine ocassionally disappear
by: tj

Even in their garden, sometimes mine burrow/hide so well that I have pretty much torn the place apart and still missed their hiding spot. I have one dog who will often find them for me, I also have a couple small spots of neon duct tape stuck high on top of their shells. One of mine escaped the pen and was missing in the yard for 5 months then one day there he was, strolling up to the back door....

Jul 25, 2012
other options
by: Anonymous

Check the local pound and with the local turtle & Tortoise clubs as well ,Sometimes people turn them in when they find them.

Jun 11, 2012
Don't worry!!!!
by: Anonymous

I lost mine for a few days, thought he was gobe but found him in my neighbor's yard! He managed to dig under the fence!

Mar 01, 2012
Keep looking!
by: Anonymous

My tortoise has been lost for 6 months, and we found her a few weeks ago. So don't give up hope. We found ours by looking under neighbor's bushes, and our own, and just trying to find places where we thought she would like to hide. We found her up the street in a patch of ivy. Just don't give up, I'm sure you'll find him/her.

Jan 17, 2012
My red foot was MIA for 3 weeks!
by: Anonymous

My red foot was out and MIA for 3 weeks! I posted signs and left notes in both neighbors mailboxes who share a fence with me. Shelby went under and into the bushes and was on the neighbors side. My neighbor thought it was a big rock when he was gardening. He is fine and in a new enclosed area with fencing and huge rocks on either side of the fencing to secure him!

Sep 20, 2011
How to find your tortoise
by: Red Foot Momma

Keep looking. We lost our tortoise for 3 days once and finally found him burrowed under the log pile. Look in dark spaces, under bushes, behind bins, under covered grills etc. They like to dig, so they burrow under the plants and can dig themselves in.

If you look during different parts of the day, you may catch him out and about feeding. Go scan the yard a few times a day.

Sep 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

its probably dug itself a hole - this is always happening to mine. it went like a foot under the other day - look for soil disturbances. if not then im so sorry

Jul 18, 2011
dont leave him
by: Anonymous

just keep looooking!!!!!! if you cant find him after a day....he is gone! im so sry! it happened to my tortoise to! where do you live??/ what kind is it!/

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