tortoise skin peeling

by izay

my hermanns tort's skin is peeling off its head it's still not even 1 yet so what dose that mean thanx

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Jun 10, 2012
by: sheridan

hey i got a tortoise a few weeks ago from tunisia, iv just noticed i dont know how old is it? also the skin is peeling from its hind legs neck and nose??

Apr 02, 2012
tortoise got dry skin
by: ali fradgley

please can anyone help my son bought a horsefeild tortoise today and its skin looks all dry what can i do x

Jun 11, 2009
Normal for tort skin to peel
by: Crazy1

Usually torts do peel. They actually shed skin usually the soft head and neck skin in small patches. This is usual as the tort grows. Do not peel it off for them let it come off naturally. Also if a tort is too dry-yes even desert torts can be too dry. they will peel.
Now the sore back legs-If you have him on a substrate that is too soft or like alfalfa pellets this can cause there legs to rub on their shell and cause peeling or even wounds to form.

Jun 10, 2009
Me, too.
by: Anonymous

My Russian (possibly Russian Desert) tortoise is about 3/4 of a year old now, and his skin is peeling. It started on its head and just now I noticed that it kind of hurts him to move his hind legs. A further investigation revealed that half the skin on his leg has peeled! Need help! Am i keeping him too warm? Is he not getting the proper foods? Not enough water?

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