My russian tortoise is missing

by Rebecca
(North Branch, NY, United States)

Last night i left my russian tortoise alone for about 5 mins or less. she escaped, and i checked everywhere for her, including places that she might have burrowed. i looked in my neighbors yards as well, and im pretty sure that she just went somewhere to sleep and that im overlooking her, but im not sure when shell come back out. i alerted the majority of my neighbors that she was missing, and told them that if they saw her to stick her in a box til i got back. this morning i got up really eary (at like 5:45) to see if she came out to sun bask, and i couldnt find her at all. i live in upstate NY (sullivan county) and its almost summer here, but i dont think its hot enough for her to go into hibernation yet. here are my questions:1. do you think she got farther away then i had originally hoped and shes wandering away somewhere? there is an overgrown field very close to my house, although she has never tried to go in it before.

2.Is it possible that something attacked her?
3.Do you think that she will come out of her hiding spot(if shes hiding) or will she go into hibernation?
4. If I don't find her do you think she will be okay?

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Jun 18, 2011
missing tortoise
by: Anonymous

my russian tortoise came up missing last sunday when i had him outside.i live in the country and have alot of pine trees.i looked every day with no luck,then friday the guy that is working on our house found him under some siding that was pulled off the house.i looked in the same spot and did'i find him. he is doing ok,he must have ate weeds to keep alive.i hope u find urs,they can survive on weeds.i wish u luck.

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