Is my Red Foot sick?

by Amanda
(Fishers, IN)

My tortoise has been in pretty low humidity and temperature levels since i got him. I didn't realize they needed to be so humid.. I've had him about 5 or 6 months so he can't be older than 7 or eight months because i got him pretty little. The past 2 or 3 days he has not been eating. His eyes appear to be swollen and difficult to open, if opened at all. He has been moving very sluggishly, it's almost like he's weak. He head hangs low and all he wants to do is burrow/sleep. Also, I've noticed this popping noise when he opens his mouth, i think its painful for him to eat or something. It looks like his bottom jaw has a jagged point to it and its getting caught on the top jaw when closing his beak. He attempted to eat a couple days ago but i kept hearing the popping noise and he gave up. I don't think i have the money to take him to the vet. Any suggestions on what could be wrong with him or how much it costs for a vet visit? I'm so worried about him.

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Jan 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Do red foot tortoises hibernate? I read somewhere that they slow down for a period on time in the winter and stop eating. I think this may be what my tortoise is doing?

Jan 23, 2011
red foot
by: Anonymous

You must get him to a vet ASAP or give him to a rescue society .they will get him help

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