desert tortoise white liquid

When I came home today our desert tortoise has a white liquid like dried on the back of his shell. Also the same stuff is all over the patio.

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Aug 11, 2010
White stuff is urates
by: Don Williams

It sounds like your tortoise got upside down, urinated to keep himself cool and that white stuff is urates, a by product of protein synthesis, normal in pee and poop for a tortoise.
Make sure he has a chance to replenish the liquid he lost by providing water.
This is generally the only way it gets on their backs, normally it is on the ground.
Don Williams, (Moderator: CTTC Turtle and Tortoise list ; Gopherus;
Vets_for_herps; TortoiseNutrition)
May You Walk in Beauty
Don :~)> and his desert torts in Bakersfield, CA.

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