Is my turtle dying

by Cindy
(Orange county Ca.)

I found a desert turtle 3 years ago in a alley. I have tried to care for it but it seems to be sick. He doesnt move to much and seems to be blind. When food is presented to him he moves his head around and opens his mouth but is missing it. His face is peeling and his eyes are a little sunken in. I dont know what i should do.I hand feed him and he will eat when I do this. Here is a picture of him (I think its a boy anyways) His name is Leo. I live in orange county ca. He has a large area in my backyard and he hybernates in a dog igloo now. He did dig a burrow the first year but not anymore. I have no idea how old he is. He has a hole in his shell and I think he limps. My husband said he was probably abused and that someone most likely threw him. It is so hard to imagine that someone would do this. Any insight you can give me would be wonderful.

ps the red on his mouth is from watermelon he really enjoys this!

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Sep 25, 2013
is my box turtle dying or hibernating
by: Anonymous

I save this turtle a couple days ago. And it has a cut by its nose and one eye is bulged but she seems blind. And she wont eat she moves when i grab her some times but now she seems like she not moving until i play wit her back legs. Her head is out like she sleep but idk. Help please

Jun 22, 2011
Your turtle
by: Mike

You should probably take Leo to a vet. I cant tell by the pictures how old your turtle may be or the gender. There are alot of web sies that tell you different foods that would probably be beneficial. Good luck!

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