alone,together?? substrate -- newspaper,other???

by rebecca

hi firstly i would like to know if a hermann tortoise would be better kept alone or together with one of its siblings

secondly i would like to know what to put in the bottom of my tortoises house eg newspaper hay etc?
many thanks!!

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Nov 17, 2009
Hermann's Tortoise Substrate and friends
by: Shelly

Your hermann's tortoise will be happy living alone. If you do want to put two together, you have to be sure they each have a place to escape from the other.

As for the substrate, you should know that a hermann's tortoise will be happy outside unless it's really cold or very wet.

A hermann's tortoise will need about 3 square yards of space for each foot of length from nose to tail.

Since a hermann's tortoise needs some humidity, use bark. You will have to be careful that the humidity won't let the temperature get too low.

Some keepers will use newspaper. Be careful. Is the ink vegetable ink? Is there anything in the paper or ink that can harm the tortoise? You would have to check with each printer to find out what the content is.

Keep it slow and steady.

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