Sulcata Tortoise, friends?

by Rachel

I have found a lot of information on this but have not been able to find any one site to agree wih another. I just resently aquired a 70 lb tort and i want to make his house and life the best that i can. He is a very friendly boy that seems to get along very well with our kittens and puppies. But does he need another tort friend? He had one before we got him but we did not want to get more then one untill we had a really nice home set up for him/them.

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Nov 02, 2009
Earl doesn't seem to like Roxy...
by: Sara

I have Earl, a 12-inch sulcata, and I just aquired Roxy, an 8-inch sulcata. I was almost positive that I got their genders right, but when Roxy went into Earls house, Earl started ramming her and almost flipped her. I seperated them for now...

Are sulcatas teritorial, or did I somehow end up with 2 males?

Is there a better way to introduce them? Will they ever like each other?

They have significant differences on the bottoms of their shells... Roxy is very flat, Earls in concaved a bit... So I guessed that I had one of each.

Its weird, I have 2 younger ones that are still indoors and they love each other... I've felt so bad cause Earl only has my pit bull as a companion... Do some toroises just oerfer to be alone?

Oct 25, 2009
Sulcata Tortoise Groups
by: Shelly

Male sulcatas will fight. You can add a female if you want to, but be sure you have lots of space. You need at least 10 meters by 10 meters for each tortoise, and you have to have lots of hiding spots so each can have privacy.

Keep it slow and steady.

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