A very sleepy baby tortoise

by Amy

I have a 2yr old male tortoise and up until 1 week ago he was very active,He loves climbing and is very inquisitive.This last week he has become very sleepy and has stopped been so active he is not eating very much and is constantly going into his hide to sleep.He is kept indoors in a tortoise table with fresh food and water daily he is given his vitamins once a week and has a heat spot and uvb bulb.He enjoys been soaked which i do twice a week.When u get him out he opens his eyes and has a nosy but like i said not the usual mischievous active little dinosaur that he has been.Please help as i am concerned about him.

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Sep 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

He is a Horsefield tortoise.
The lights are only 3 month old.
I have nt taken him to a vet yet as he seems ok just acting out of caricture.
I thought he might want to hibernate but was told he was too young and he would nt hibernate being kept in regulated temperature environment.Is this true??

Sep 18, 2009
reply for my sleepy tortoise
by: Amy

He is a 2 year old horsefield tortoise,The lights are new. I did think it maybe that he s wanting to hibernate but was told that they dont hibernate because he is kept indoors under regulated tempratures and he was too young.is this true??I have nt seen a vet because he still seems very alert if you get him out he ll have a wonder around he still has very bright eyes but just seems to want to sleep ( he ll wonder to some where dark to sleep)He just seems out of caricature.

Sep 18, 2009
sleeping tortoise
by: Anonymous

You didn't say what kind of tortoise you have. Could he be trying to hibernate?

Is his light still warm enough?

Have you seen a vet?

Sorry for all the questions, but it's too hard to say from the information you have given.

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