size of horsfield tortoises

by ingrid

Hi I have been given two three year old Horsefield tortoises by someone who was not able to look after them properly. I was shocked when I collected them as they are so tiny one is 2 inch and the other 2 3/4 long. I have an 8 year old male and he was much bigger than this when he was that age.

Are they too small due to their previous inadequate housing, light, diet and calcium intake?I am pleased to report they now have a a choice of facilities a viv for winter and until they get a bit bigger. The viv is necessary as the bigger one is trying to hibernate and it's too small and it's appetite not fantastic either so I can keep a close eye on them, make sure they are warm enough etc. I have also got indoor and outdoor enclosures when they are ready
I called at a pet shop today for some advice their tortoises had been kept in a viv for the last 4 years and were aged 3 and are massive compared to my 8 year old.

I am confused! is there anywhere that tells you what average sizes, weights they should be? And is it possible for them to grow to quick? or too slow?
Any Responses appreciated

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Nov 10, 2009
size of Horsefields
by: Ingrid

I spoke to one of the zoo keepers who looks after tortoises at Blackpool Zoo and he gave me loads of advice. He advised me to take them to the vet if they didn't put weight on etc and that they wouldn't grow if the environment was poor and their diet etc.
They have both put some weight on and grown 1cm since I got them so I am obviously doing something right. They are also a lot more alert.
So I am well chuffed!

Nov 08, 2009
Horsfield Tortoise Size
by: Shelly

I am sorry that I don't know the answers to your questions.

The sizes of your new pets seem very strange.

Have they seen a vet?

Keep it slow and steady.

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