photo of swollen foot

by carlos

swollen foot

swollen foot

Please see attached photo. My baby turtles back left foot is swollen. what should i do to help ease this swelling, and what medication I can buy? Thanks.

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Apr 21, 2012
turtle foot

my turtle foot is even bigger and i have no money to bring him to a vet so let it stay and heal on time

Jan 13, 2012
swollen turtle foot (1yr old)
by: starr

my turtles foot is swollen the exact same way, i took him to the vet and he gave him an A&D injection to help the bacteria,advised me to give him a daily bath in zephiran (2 mg per liter of water) for 15-30 minutes each day, increase temp 1-2 degrees F*, change all basking rocks and clean tank for procaution.

i hope all works out for you, this is my first night trying it out. (1/13/12)

May 25, 2009
swollen foot
by: Anonymous

You need take him to a aquatic vet. immediately, more than likely he has an infection, but you will not know until a vet can run blood test, and let me say, because it look extremely swollen they may have to amputate. Do not wait any longer, there is no over the counter for this kind of infection. I hope I am wrong but I know a friend who had a turtle, not that small, but the indication of yours is the same to all turtles he has an infection and if you don't get him medical attention it will spread and cause death. Please...take him in soon. Please write back to let us know how it all went.

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