horsefield tortoise

by Gary

i have a horsefield tortoise and all it seems to do is sleep for nearly 24 hours, and some times only wakes up when i wake him up. is this normal? also he doesnt eat much and ive never seen him drink ive now had him 5 days. is this normal behaviour?

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Dec 06, 2013
by: CharlieA.

not drinks water for a few days is ok, but everything else is not a good sign, best thing to do is take him to the vet, here is a page of mine that may help you and the community as well

Apr 29, 2011
Going Out
by: Anonymous

Whether a horsfield tortosie should go outside or not depends on the temperature out there. Normally, a horsfield can live happily outside all the time, hibernating when it gets too cold. But if it's significantly colder outside than it is wherever teh tortoise is now, I'd wait until it warms up.

Apr 28, 2011
Tortoise outside
by: Anonymous

Hi ive had my Horsefield tortoise a week now and ive been given advice from different pet shops. He/she is 9 months old, is he allowed ouside in the garden ?

Feb 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

You haven't said which supplement, in which dose. This would be a good question for a vet.

Feb 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

i have been giving my horfield his suppliment 2x week as recomended by pet shop ,now i see people say every day .so which do i choose btw i think hes 2 years.thanks

Feb 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is very normal behavior, my tortoise hardly ever drinks and i have had him now for about 3 years and he seems very healthy. I think it is always better to leave warm water out so if they do want to drink they can (or if not then just bathe in it).

Jul 30, 2010
pacing tortoise
by: Anonymous

A tortoise will often pace like this is it wants to explore in a larger area. One way to reduce the behavior is to be sure it can't see out. Another is to give it lots of space to roam in.

Jul 25, 2010
Is this something is hould worry about???
by: Anonymous


I have a horsefield tortoise and he is 3 years old, recently he has been having some strange behaviour, he has walking round and round the outscurts of this house and it is as if he is trying to climb up the walls.... I get him out his house and he does the same...Is this something i should worry about and do you have any ideas what might be up with him?


Dec 27, 2009
Your Horsfield Tortoise
by: Shelly

You didn't post a photo, so it's hard to judge. The best advice I can give you is to do an image search on the Internet to see if what you are looking at is normal.

Keep it slow and steady.

Dec 27, 2009
Is it somthing to be worried about
by: Anonymous

Hi I just got a tortoise for Christmas [a Horesfield]and her shell at end seem to be stiking out a bit sould I be worried thanks. PS
Shes eight months old and also dosnt seem to be eating and drinking very much.

Oct 06, 2009
sleeping horsefield
by: Anonymous

When I got my male horsefield tortoise, he spent two weeks doing nothing but sleeping. He wouldn't even eat. But after two weeks he started eating and got a little more active. Tortoises vary in the amount of time they take to adjust to a new home. One thing that might help stimulate him is giving him a 20-minute soak each day in warm (not hot) water. Also, if you haven't already, it might be a good idea to take him to a vet for an initial check-up to make sure that he does not have any health problems.

Oct 06, 2009
Horsefield tortoise
by: Gary

i have got a heat lamp and uv light which are on from 8am to 8pm, and a heat mat for over night

Oct 05, 2009
sleeping horsfield tortoise
by: Anonymous

Are you sure you are providing the right lighting and heating conditions?

An animal needs some time to settle in, but at some point, it should perk up.

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