diet and temperature concern

by Dhruv

I have a seven year old tortoise no bigger than my hand (palm and fingers)...could you please tell me how much it should be eating on a daily basis.

I keep it in my room which is air conditioned...not too cold it right for me to keep him indoors?

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Nov 25, 2010
right temperature and food for your turtle
by: madhoora

hi Dhruv. please dont keep your tutle in airconditioned environment. the temperature required by the turtle is 30 to 35 degrees celcius. turtles need sunlight so that they can grow, digest their food and the problem of their shell being soft dosnt arise.
feed your turtle as much as its shell size once a day if its a land tortoise and one or two indian one rupee coin sized shrimps of its food once a day for water tortoise. other than this you may go to the aqurium and buy turtle food they posses, its generally of good quality.
if your turtle is a land turtle then feed it veg (hibiscus leaves, normal grass, any vegetable which has high calcium). as nonveg should be completely avoided for land turtles.

Nov 20, 2010
Desert Tortoise Diet
by: Shelly

A desert tortoise should be eating a desert diet.

It should also probably be outdoors.

Please this desert tortoise care sheet for information on diet and other important features.

Keep it slow and steady.

Nov 20, 2010
more info..
by: Anonymous

My tortoise is probably a desert tortoise. The temperature of my room ranges between 20-25 degrees Celsius. I hope thats alright.

I just feed it thin slices of cucumber and lettuce leaves once a day. Hope that's alright.

Nov 19, 2010
Tortoise Indoors
by: Anonymous

Your tortoise needs to warmth and sunlight to develop properly. You didn't say which tortoise you have, but most tortoises will prefer temperatures around 80 degrees. Note that it also needs to be able to get to cooler areas to regulate its temperature.

The sunlight is necessary for the tortoise to metabolize its food. If you can't provide sunlight, you must provide a UVB light. Without this, your tortoise will become ill and die.

As for the amount the tortoise will eat, this will depend on what kind of tortoise you have, what you feed it, and its general health.

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