desert tortoise with first slight pink urine

I have had my two desert tortoises since they were

under one-years-of-age. There fifteen-years-old now
and have been very healthy. For the first time today
I noticed that one of my tortoise's urine was a light
pink color. I also am so confused on what toxic
plants not to feed them. I read two different
articles. One did not put down impatients as a toxic
plant, so I have fed my tortoises these flowers.Then
today I found an article saying do not feed impatients
to desert tortoises "poisionous." Could this be the
cause of the slight pink tinge in the urine?

Thank you,

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Jan 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

hello, my russian tortoises urine has had a pink/orange color in small protions of his discharge. I bathe him once to twice a week and keep his cage spotless, feed him his favorite plain lettuce and sprinkle calcium on it. I dont know if i should be worried because he doesnt eat the kind of flowers that people say cause this, and its a very odd color i would be suprised if its blood. I will take him to a vet, but just wondering is this an urgent symptom, should i take him as soon as possible?.... Is this deadly???

May 02, 2010
pink urine
by: Anonymous

Pink seems dangerous to me. There could be blood in the urine.

But the best advice is to see a vet to be sure.

May 02, 2010
desert tortoise
by: Anonymous

only feed any food to your tortoise in moderation, if urine keeps at a unusual color you will need to see your Vet, notice if there are any other changes as well.

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