Cost of Tortoise Care

by Kestra Shepherd

I've wanted a tortoise for a very long time, and now the only thing holding me back is the mystery of how much a tortoise would cost to care for. About how much would a baby tortoise cost to care for?

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Dec 01, 2008
cost for a tortoise
by: Shelly

The cost depends on where you live and which sort of tortoise you have.

For example, if you live in a warm place and have a garden where your tortoise can live outside, you will have the cost of fencing. If you live in a colder climate and have to keep your tortoise inside, you will have the cost of a tortoise table, including a heat lamp for basking.

The outdoor tortoise might live on food she finds in the yard. The indoor tortoise needs you to bring in food. Maybe you can bring in wild food you find, or maybe you have to buy food.

There are too many variables to give you an exact cost.

It's good to ask, though.

You could ask another tortoise owner in your area.

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