12 or 13 year old red earred slider pinkish red hind legs - Is it retaining eggs???

by Anne Sugi
(Daly City, CA USA)

Hi Shelly, I have a red earred slider for maybe 12 or 13 years. His hind legs used to be greenish but is turning pinkish red. Is that normal. I clearned the fluval 404 filters every week (2 filters one at each side of the tank. I have a heated set around 78 degrees. I feed him the reptomin pellets and he eats okay but not a very excessive eats like the other 2 turtles in the tank. His eyes are cleaned and healthy with no pus. I have a basking place and he is up there everyday for the UVB light lamp. I clean the whole tank every 2 weeks. I ahve charcoal in the filters to keep water clean and clear. Is his pinkish red skin (hind legs) okay??? Does it get lighter in that area when turtle gets older?? Thanks anne sugi

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