My tortise

by ruth

My daughters tortoises have white stuff like sick on the bark in there tank can you tell me if they are sick as they keep on eating this

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Feb 28, 2010
pink problem
by: Anonymous

Pink is not a good colour in this case. It could indicate internal bleeding. I would take this animal to a veterinarian as soon as you can.

Feb 28, 2010
pink fluid in her wee?
by: Anonymous

Hi I have the same sort of problem but lately its been pink and she's only eating greens is this also normal or could she be sick also she is a Horsefield tortoise if that helps?

Jan 12, 2010
Not wee
by: Anonymous

It's not wee, it's a third bodily function, like a calcium (White) deposit. This is still normal! Only if it looks yoghurty should u seek medical attention! Try bathing ur tort in baby warm water, the warmth stimulates ur torts digestive system and encourages them to 'go' in the water. U can see everything easily aswell!

Hope this helps!

Jan 03, 2010
its not
by: Brionni

Its actually there wee nothing to be worried about its normal.

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