female hermans tortoise reproductive organs?

We have had our tortoise for 2 years and assumed it was female as it has a stumpy bottom and no tail. The other day whilst our tortoise was on its travels around the room it went to toilet and out popped this long pinkish thing.

I have since looked up male tortoise reproductive organs on the internet and have seen something similar to what happened to our tortoise. Could our tortoise be a male if it has a stumpy bum or does something similar happen to female tortoises? We are a bit worried as far as we are concerend our tortoise isn't acting any differently to how she normally acts. Eating well and we bathe her and give her vitamins on her food too. Please could you help.

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Jan 04, 2017
Hermann tortoise
by: Carla

I have my 2 year old hermann tort. I have had her one year. I sent some photos to the shop I got her from and they advised she was female. However recently she stands up tall and her tail goes straight and a very large black jelly comes out, but always goes back in. I have witnessed this a few times now. I have researched the web and can't find any answers! I am starting to feel very worried. Has anyone with a hermann every seen anything like this, or know what it might be?? I'm going to take her to the vet if I can't get any answers!
Thanks in advance 😊

Nov 04, 2013
tortoise sex organs , males
by: Anonymous

My 2yr old horsefeild let out wot look like a little red thing I thought it as blood or tomato so wipers it n it shot bk inside is that his penis . Worried owner

May 24, 2011
male or female
by: Shelly

If what is coming out is pink, you might be seeing a prolapse, not a penis. The penis is often dark. This page will give you some other clues to the sex of your tortoise.

Keep it slow and steady.

May 24, 2011
Can any one help?
by: Rachel

Hello, the same thing has happend with my female horsefield tortoise. I have been told she's a girl and have always thort that it was a girl then I found the pinkish thing today and I to am worried and confuised!

Mar 13, 2011
Greek Tortoise
by: Heather


I am browsing the web and saw this posting. I had a six months old Greek tortoise ( may be older than six months ) and it seems to be having the same thing when I bath her in the water... It just started today. I am kind of worried. I don't know if something is wrong with her. The vet did said that it was a female but I am very confused. If it is not the sex organ that sticks out from the tail than something might went wrong. Could someone helps and give me some comments on this. Thanks!


Aug 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

i was interested in your question,as the same thing happened to me,i bought 2 hermans about 8 years ago,and whilst one is definatly a male ,the one i thought was female,done the same as yours,so now iam totaly confused??/

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