my tortoise met with a accident

by neel kalolia

My tortoise met with a accident and her shell is broken and it started bleeding frm the shell... Do they Get new shell ..? ?

Wat are the home remedies ?
As Our Doctor was out ...

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Feb 05, 2015
not felling well
by: Dhiraj Dhingra

My tortoise is not eating food And he is also not walking anywhere.i think my tortoise not felling what should I do???

Jul 18, 2013
not eating food from to days
by: divya

That day tortoise fall from bed from that day it is not eating food I think he get internal damage he is only 1 year old

Nov 13, 2010
thanks a lott
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lott shelly for helping me... My tortoise is good now... we had visited good veterinary doctor and she has good knowledge about tortoise so she had cleared the wound and my tortoise is now tooo good... thank you for helping me... :-)

Nov 08, 2010
You are welcome
by: Shelly

You are most welcome. It would help others if you could tell what the vet did for your pet.

For example, was the missing piece replaced? Was there anything else you think someone in the position you were in should know?

Nov 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

We got a good doctor for my tortoise n he very well now... :-)
thnks for guidng me shelly... :-)

Sep 16, 2010
Shell repair
by: Shelly

A vet has to make the repairs to the shell. Sometimes you can use a saved piece. Sometimes not.

Keep it slow and steady.

Aug 18, 2010
Thank You
by: Neel

Thanks A Lott Shelly... :)
I hav 1 mre question
i hav cleaned the wound..
and i hav tht part of the shell we can stick it aftr the wound of my pet is done.. ?

Aug 10, 2010
Damaged tortoise shell
by: Shelly

No, they don't grow a new shell. A shell is part of the skeleton. The shell can be repaired. If the shell damage is serious, the vet can deal with that.

The real damage is probably to the inside of your pet. You need to be sure that wound is completely clean. Cleaning a wound inside a tortoise is a job best done by a professional.

Keep it slow and steady.

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