Loose stools

Hi, I acquired a small african spurred tortoise from my father in law, everything was fine for about 10 days and then he started to have loose stools. I don't know if it could be his diet or something more serious. He is still active, eats most everything given, no discharge from eyes or nose but I am concerned he has had loose stools for about 2 weeks now. It started getting a little loose and now it's more loose. It's not everyday all day diarrhea but when he has a movement it's loose couple times a week i guess. I have been feeding him the spring mix salad from the store and collard greens. I was trying to give him timothy hay at first but he wouldn't touch it. My father in law was feeding romaine and fruit and sometimes fresh picked alfalfa. Help!!! I am worried about my little guy or gal? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.


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