Can I keep it ?

by Kristofer
(Black Canyon City, Arizona )

My girlfriend found a box turtle in our yard the other day and took it to the neighbors house because they have turtles thinking it might be his long story short it was not and he helped us get a habitat setup for him or her and then somebody told us there was a law in some states about keeping this turtle can some let me know if you are able t keep the turtle

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May 09, 2010
illegal turtle
by: Anonymous

If you want to know the laws in your state, call the humane society, a zoo, of just google something like "tortoise law XXX" (Put your state in where I've typed in XXX.)

May 06, 2010
Keep it...
by: Anonymous

I've never heard of such a law, and if no one has claimed it its yours, do research on its care and love it...lots of joy!

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