Tortoise fell

by Sophie Romanczuk
(Leeds, West Yorkshire, England)


I have a juvenile Horsfield tortoise and 2 days ago he fell from the chair arm (around 20 inches) and hasn't been himself since, for example, normally he gets up at about 11 and has a run around and something to eat/drink. Since his fall he has not been getting up at all, i have had to get him up myself and try to wake him up so he will eat something. Once up he does walk around slowly and eat a bit but nothing like he used to. I am worried because he doesn't seem himself at all but i recently have undergone foot surgery and can't get out of my flat or get him to the vet easily so i am just wondering if he absolutely definitely needs to go to the vet or if he is just in shock and he will recover on his own, or of the vets can even do anything anyway? I could have a lift to the vets but it wont be for quite a few days so it will be nearly a week after the incident anyway.


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Nov 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

If you can't get up easily to go to the vet, i suggest calling them first and telling them about the incident. You can ask them if they suggest bringing in your tortoise or not.

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