Is my tortoise sick?

by Rachel

When i first bought my tortoise last week, it was very active, and liked to swim around. but lately, it's very sluggish, and there's a whitish residue on its shell, making it look somewhat pale. could it be of the white gravel i put inside the tank? because i notice some white residue on the top of the tank where the water comes in contact with the gravel.

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Apr 07, 2010
Some water is important!
by: A. S.

Just because tortoises are not amphibious like turtles does mean that they do not need water to bathe in. While a tortoise requires a much different enclosure/habitat than an aquatic turtle, it still needs to be able to bathe and soak itself by submersion in a shallow pool of water. So, if you currently have a large pool or an aquatic set up for your turtle this needs to be corrected! However, it is completely normal for a tortoise to bathe itself and in fact is essential to its well being. ***Also*** White gravel is not an ideal substrate! We use a 50/50 mixture of cypress mulch and calcium sand for our redfoot tortoise, but the needs of each species is specific. But get that gravel out of there!

Mar 04, 2010
tortoise NO WATER !!
by: Laura

first of all if you have a tortoise they do not go in water . second never use gravel with any type of turtle or tortoise , because they will ingest it and will get very sick or die . you also did not give much details on what kind of tortoise ect . but I can not stress more that tortoise are land animals they do not swim !!!! you should go online and do some research

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