sulcata turtoise

by Luis Hernandez Jr.
(wilmington, ca)

hi, my name is Luis Hernandez, i just recently bought a 13 week yr. old turtle. im starting too worry because my turtle doesnt move very much, it just sits there under the light, im wondering if this is usual behavior by the turtle or is something wrong with it ??? please help . thanks for your time and attention.

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Aug 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Best course of action: Find out what they were feeding him at the pet shop. Many pet shops feed baby sulcatas way too sugary of a diet. His diet should consist mostly of grasses.
this site is a great source of info.
Also make sure he is getting calcium and uvb. these things perk up energy a lot.
And baths!! They love a good warm soak
Baby sulcatas should be very active and eager to explore!

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