left eye closed and white crust in it

i have a 4 month old greek tortoise, for the past month and half it has been keeping her eye closed and it always has white stuff in it and swollen too...i took it to a veterian but not specific on tortoise since in Malta we do not have...she said that she has lack of vitamin A..but i have been given her food and even vit a but havent seen any improvement...i try cleaning it for her but the next day it goes back to the same white stuff! Pls help

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Apr 03, 2011
White crust in eye
by: Anonymous

First of all, good for taking your pet to the vet.

And good that the vet knows the animal needs vitamin A. If the animal hasn't responded to it, ask the vet about a vitamin A injection.

This is a serious condition. If the white becomes hard, it will require surgery to remove it. DO NOT try to remove it yourself at that stage.

See if your vet would be willing to make a call to a reptile specialist for advice.

All the best to you and your pet.

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